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•Targeted Armor Composite Nano Engineered Technology (TACNET)

  • Operational Performance Capability:

    • Design targeted armor material solutions for ballistic head protection that can be evolved to multiple end users: PPE,  Vehicle Armor, Air Craft skins, etc.

    • Increased Performance to Level IIIA at reduced weight

    • Improved maneuverability, ergonomics, fuel economy, survivability

•Ballistic and Blunt Impact Shock Cancelling Technology (BBI-SCT)

  • Operational Performance Capability:

    • Increased Ballistic Head Protection Performance to meet and exceed objective KPP for NIJ ballistic impact protection in micro-second response & DOT FMVSS 218/ANSI Z90.1 and air drop blunt impact standards for milli-second response

    • Reduce and eliminate traumatic brain injuries (TBI) to U.S. and U.N. forces by  employing BBI-SCT technology

    • Evolve technology to other end uses for motors, bearings, vehicles, air craft, etc. to increased fuel economy and material performance, reduce noise, vibration, flutter, wear, MTBF, increase reliability, etc.



•High Fracture Toughness Ceramic

•Advanced Armor Material

•Survivability Systems


•Multi Threat Helmet

•Survivability Systems

•Mach materials

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